I am on YouTube! I am so excited to share my work on my new channel with you. I have been a producer and songwriter for quite some time now. My music has taken me (and you) into theaters, living rooms and digital and streaming devices across the globe. This is a safe space for me to share my new content with music lovers like you , fellow recording artists and folks in the music supervision and editing spaces. My hope is to grow this channel by sharing content with you that you can enjoy and share. It will start with my music (of, course). So, here we go!

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Trust the Process

Admittedly, at times, I want to skip steps. You know, the uncomfortable, tedious parts of a process. Sometimes you want to just get to the result. The finished product. The end. So you can finally begin.

What I have learned is, unfortunately, there is no skipping steps in a process if the goal is to win or succeed. Whether its career, health and wellness, family, friends, and/or relationships, all steps must be taken including the uncomfortable ones. You can never truly the wins without the challenges. Pound of flesh.

My experiences have surrounded me with some who want it yesterday. Battering ram, spammy approach. Misinterpreted definition of “not taking ‘no’ for answer”. The absence of empathy, combined with entitlement and a pinch of narcissism is a dangerous combo.

I have been retraining myself to control and moderate ego, pride and self-loathing. I expect great things all while giving myself grace. A day at a time. It’s not easy. Conditioning is real. De-programming then re-programming that conditioning is a mutha.

Some days I just have to stop. I am exhausted. Weary, mentally mainly. But I know I’d be doing myself a disservice by continuing when I’m not in the correct headspace.

Busy in fear is dangerous. Productive with purpose is golden.

Home-cooked always beats microwaved. Even when it’s daunting, scary and lonely. The win’s yours regardless of what you “see”. Trust the process.

Doug Sxmpson’s FREE

FREE is the latest project by Doug Sxmpson, the ASCAP award-winning music producer, songwriter and composer.

The instrumental project features four tracks “Open Road”, “Mirrors”, Top Down Roof Back” and Free (Keepsake)”. Doug Sxmpson’s FREE is available for pre-order now and will be available on all digital streaming platforms on November 3rd.

You can check out more of Doug Sxmpson’s work for recording artists, songwriters and content creators on his official YouTube Channel.

Sean Robinson’s single “WHUT!!!!” debuts

Singer/songwriter and recording artist Sean Robinson has just released his latest track “WHUT!!!!”, the gritty follow-up to his single “U Gon’ B Mad”.

Sean Robinson’s “WHUT!!!!” takes a darker tone and questions where does a seemingly shaky relationship go when it has hit an impasse, finding the crooner delivering weighted lines like ’I’m the victim/if not, I am now.” Raw and exposed, Sean Robinson is not afraid to delve deep on the track, looking for an answer to the hardest question in their rocky relationship, “do we even care”?

The pain in Sean Robinson’s tenor voice bounces right along with the pulsing rhythmic drums, syncopated percussion, heavy 808s and an atmospheric, melodic electric piano, all provided by award-winning record producer and songwriter Doug Sxmpson (House Rules series, One Bedroom original motion picture soundtrack, Grown-ish, Fast Five, Fast and Furious 6).

WHUT!!!!” is available now on Apple Music, Amazon Music and rolling out to all digital streaming platforms.

U Gon’ B Mad” is also available now and is currently streaming on Apple Music, Amazon Music and other digital streaming platforms.

[FREE] Firestarter 6 Sample Pack

There’s always something special about the warm, lush sound of an electric piano. When I write, I usually start on some type of keys. I play around with some chords and see where it takes me. This session found me back in the ARTURIA realm and tinkering with their Stage 73 electric piano Rhodes emulation. These were longer compositions and I left them at full length because each section of the piece was inspired by the section before it. I set these to 80bpm.

The sixth in the series, my Firestarter 6 Sample Pack is available now and FREE to download here.

Hope these pieces spark something creative in you!

You can also check out the rest of my FIrestarter Sample Pack series, all of which are FREE.

Enjoy and be safe.


[FREE] Firestarter 5 Sample Pack

Hey guys, hope all is well with you and yours. I was messing around with ARTURIA’s Cinema Layers Grand Piano. Inspiration hit and in the midst of me writing, I created a ton of new pieces, 6 of which I am offering to you in my Firestarter 5 Sample Pack. I made these at 138bpm. My hope is that this sample pack spark ideas in you and keep you in a creative headspace, despite everything going on in the world around us.

Feel free to download here. Remember, all of my Firestarter Sample Packs at my beat store are FREE.

If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to leave ’em. As always, thank you for your support.


Sean Robinson’s “U Gon’ B Mad”

Singer, songwriter and recording artist Sean Robinson has released his latest NSFW single “U Gon’ B Mad”. Sean’s smooth tenor and matter-of-fact lyrics bounce and glide over heavy drums, melodic 808s, and gritty yet sultry atmospheric synths and Rhodes courtesy of producer Doug Sxmpson (Grown-ish, One Bedroom, Fast & Furious franchise).

Sean Robinson’s next single is set to release on March 5th and his as-yet untitled EP is set to drop April 1st.

“U Gon’ B Mad” is available now on Apple Music, Amazon Music and rolling out to other digital streaming platforms.

Doug Sxmpson partners with Snap, Inc. for new Sounds feature.
Doug Sxmpson partners with Snap, Inc. for new Sounds feature.

Doug Sxmpson x Snap

Producer and recording artist Doug Sxmpson’s music catalog is now available on Snapchat’s new “Sounds” feature. Snapchat states, “Sounds are yet another way to capture your mood on Snapchat. Discover new songs, add music to your Snaps, and share your Snapsterpiece with friends”.

The award-winning musician’s tracks were made available through a three-year licensing agreement between Snap, Inc. and independent publisher Vintage 75 Music. The agreement covers Doug Sxmpson’s current catalog as well as any future releases made available to Snap, Inc.

Check out the ad for Snapchat’s new feature below:

Doug Sxmpson’s Rough Draught The Instrumentals is out now.

Decadent V2 out now

Volume 2 of the Decadent Loop Kit is out now! This edition of Decadent Loop Kit has nine Grand Piano compositions, nine Pianet Model T performances and eleven performances on the Rickenbacker Bass. You get twenty-nine 24-bit WAV key loops in C minor at 142bpm (beats per minute) and twenty-nine corresponding MIDI files.

Decadent Loop Kit Vol. 2 is live and available for you to download now.

Volume 1 of the Decadent Loop Kit series is also available for download here.