Work backwards, fall forward

08 March 2023
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08 March 2023 dougsxmpson

Work backwards, fall forward.

I have found this to be the most effective way to work for me. I find my target, then strategize and plan on what tool(s) to use to hit or get me close to hitting the target. Then, I take the steps and execute. Bullseye is always the goal. Ballpark is the next best thing. The great thing about the ballpark is that I can adjust the strategy, aim again and fire with the understanding that I am at least in contention. But if I were to to forego the strategizing and planning phases, then I’m just wasting ammo and more importantly, time. Wide-spraying hoping that something sticks. The “fall forward” is the ballpark. If what I do doesn’t make it into the ballpark, then it let’s me know that I missed something(s) in my planning. Or maybe I wasn’t listening to the market with intent.

But even with the best of strategies, timing, market climate analysis, consumer tastes and attitudes still determine the success of any product or service.

Work backwards by setting the goal, then plan the attack. Fall forward if you misfire, but keep timing, climate and value in  mind.


Composer, producer, songwriter and recording artist Doug Sxmpson has written and produced songs that has spanned network and cable television, documentaries as well as independent and major motion pictures. Doug Sxmpson’s work has been featured and supported shows like Blue Bloods (CBS), Millionaire Matchmaker (VH1), Cribs, Pimp my Ride, Super Sweet Sixteen, Made, True Life (MTV, MTV2), Ray Donovan (Showtime), First Look: Straight Outta Compton (HBO) and a host of other reality shows, dramas and documentaries. Doug’s catalog has also been featured in independent films and specials such as A River Washes Over Me and Owen Smith’s comedy special. Doug’s first major motion picture placements were two songs in Universal Pictures Fast Five (2011), followed by music in Universal Pictures Fast & Furious 6 (2013) and Despicable Me 2 (2013). In 2012, Doug Sxmpson became the recipient of the ASCAP Plus Award, an award from the performing rights organization, which recognizes a songwriter’s creative contribution to American music. Doug continues to compose, write and record music for film and television, most recently having his work featured in Grown-ish (ABC/Free Form) as a performing artist and producer, as a composer and music supervisor for One Bedroom and as a music producer/composer for "House Rules", a series on iOS/Android app Hooked.