This has been such a challenging time for so many of us as a global family. Some of us, for the first time, have truly been awakened by the events that have taken place in our society. For Black people, these type of events have been and continue to be all too familiar. The cycle is psychologically draining. But maybe that has been the point all along.

“This is why I was inspired to create the Firestarter Sample Pack.”


I have seen so many of my creative friends and colleagues mentally affected by our current events, to the point that they are not creating. Our skills and talent to create something out of nothing is divine. It is other-worldly. The pain is in me as well, as it is my daily reality, but the familiarity of it all makes me numb to it. I am certain that isn’t healthy either.

Personally, music and just the act of creation, has always been my safe space, my peace. It is where I can get lost in the process, washed in the sound and have the universe speak through me (if I listen).

This is why I was inspired to create the Firestarter Sample Pack. No frills, quick and dirty loops, chords and melodies. I felt a bit better after completing it and I hope that it might kindle (or rekindle) your fire to create.

Take time if you need to. Breathe. The Pack will be here for you if you want and need it. Thank you for inspiring me to do it.

Stay safe,



– 7 Sample Loops (all at 138bpm)
– 7 corresponding MIDI files (works with all DAWs)
– All in the key of C minor
– Royalty free

Keys: Crystal Rhodes on the JD-800 Digital Piano.

Download now:

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