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11 June 2019
11 June 2019 teamihmg

Doug Sxmpson and more discuss Hip-Hop’s significance in interview with Zora

Music producer and recording artist Doug Simpson (Doug Sxmpson) has had his work featured in blockbusters such as #Fast5 and #FastandFurious6. His work has also been featured on shows such as #Grownish and has been the score and soundtrack for the award-winning indie film #OneBedroom. In an interview with Medium’s latest endeavor Zora, the music producer and songwriter discusses the significance and impact that Hip-Hop has had on his career, the music industry and global culture with celebrated author and writer Feminista Jones.

“For so many of us, #HipHop provided an opportunity for a way out of what has, at times, seemed to be insurmountable odds and conditions.”


Read the full article here: http://read.medium.com/TYH0mIv

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